The story of the boarding kennel "Lassie"

How did Lassie come to be?

It is thanks to the help of my parents that this dream could be realized. With a lot of enthusiasm, patience and endurance they actively supported the planning, realization and construction of this huge project.

The Déierepensioun Lassie has become the largest boarding kennel in Luxembourg and the surrounding area, with clients of all nationalities from all over the world!

Mme Marie-José & M Mathis Maquet
Mme Marie-José & M Mathis Maquet

20 years of Lassie... from the year 2000 to the year 2020

Twenty years of Lassie... we have seen your children grow up and you ours! We've had many good times together, you've told us about your adventures and travels, anecdotes from your work and business trips, the soccer games and concerts you've been to. We have indirectly participated in your most important family celebrations, births, birthdays, weddings, communions. Beautiful friendships have been created.

We have also experienced very sad moments with you, the long illness or the loss of a loved one. We have suffered with you when you left for chemotherapy or heavy surgery in the hospital. We listened to you when you had worries, as well as you participated in our worries too.

We cried with you when you lost your four-legged darling, whom we also adored.

We were sad when you had to leave Luxembourg to move somewhere else, we miss the presence of your pet!

Thank you to all those who keep in touch and send us news.

The pandemic

Lassie has always been open and functional since the beginning of the confinment. We have taken advantage of the time to make the place even more beautiful and to be able to offer additional services to our customers.

The pandemic has changed a lot in the minds of all those who work as self-employed persons and after this crisis nothing will be the same as before.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many of you have called us, emailed us to see how we were doing and many of you have paid entire bills for multiple stays, which you were not able to do because of the restrictions.

The support from our customers is tremendous and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

What about the next 20 years?

We all live here body and soul for Lassie... this is our big paradise in a complicated world.

99% of our clients are lovely. It is to that other 1% that I would like to address this message, which is very close to my heart!

Life is too short to argue... sometimes when I hear new clients talking to my assistants, I am deeply shocked. They are all incredibly kind and dedicated, and certainly don't deserve that tone.

We no longer want or accept customers who tell us that we have to put up with everything, because the customer is king.

With us it is your darling who is king. Our duty is to take good care of him with love and conscience.

If we take responsibility for your darling, we must have confidence in you, as you have confidence in us. We are dealing with living beings and we must be able to talk about his well-being at all times in an open, kind and reasonable manner.

In our peaceful haven, we invite you to be part of our big Lassie family. You can count on our utmost dedication to make sure your pet has the best vacation ever!