The horses

The short-term boarding

What does a horse need to have a healthy and happy life? A clean stable to rest at night, a few horses to play with during the day and good food.

Lassie Boarding offers you the opportunity to drop your horse off for a short time while you are away.  If you are away on business or vacation and no one is available to care for your horses in your private stable, Lassie offers your horse a comfortable and well cared for environment to await your return!

We live on site and this guarantees a day and night presence, which increases the safety factor for all the animals in our care.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information at +352 26 36 0801.

The sale

See photos and contact us for more information at +352 26 36 0801.

All photos on this site were taken within the Lassie Déierepensioun. No photos were purchased for advertising purposes.