For adoption

Tara, female Shih Tzu born October 27, 2022.
As her owner has unfortunately been hospitalised for the time being in a retirement home, we are looking for a new family for Tara. She is used to other dogs, cats and children, and is very friendly and sociable. However, she is not used to being left alone for long periods as her former owner was always at home with her.
For more information, please contact Lassie on 26 36 08 01.

This is exactly here where your vacation begins...

The Déierepensioun "Lassie" is the first large mixed animal boarding kennel in Luxembourg.

The Lassie Boarding Kennel welcomes not only dogs, but also cats, horses and all kinds of small animals and birds.

Hotel for cats of all breeds

  • Spacious and bright rooms
  • Direct access to covered outdoor terraces
  • Multiple climbing possibilities on different levels
  • Numerous cat caves to hide and sleep
  • Special care for elderly cats by our veterinary assistants
  • Heated and comfortable rooms
  • Floor heating 20-22 degrees

Hotel for medium and large dogs

  • Bright, spacious rooms and kennels
  • Direct access to large covered outdoor terraces
  • Activities at morning, afternoon and evening
  • Twenty fenced play areas
  • Games and socialisation
  • Contact with other dogs
  • Lots of physical exercise
  • Heated buildings 18-21 degrees
  • Air-conditioned buildings ** NEW **

Hotel for small and senior dogs

  • Unique in Luxembourg
  • Only for small dogs < 10 kg
  • Only for senior dogs
  • Large and bright rooms
  • Direct access to outdoor runs
  • Three visits to play areas per day
  • No contact with large dogs
  • Seperate builduing than bigger dogs
  • Special care by qualified staff
  • Floor heating 20-21 degrees

CaniCrèche - the daily care

  • Arrival 8.20 - 8.30 am
  • Departure 4 .00 - 7.00 pm
  • Direct access to the covered outside runs
  • Activities on exercice areas in the morning, afternoon and evening
  • Games and socialising
  • Physical and mental well-being
  • Educational reinforcement
  • Re-learning to stay at home alone

    The Cani-crèche service is full!

Dogs and cats in recovery

  • Post-surgical convalescence
  • After long hospitalization
  • Administration of treatments as indicated by the attending veterinarian
  • Rest and care
  • Light physiotherapy
  • Daily checkup by the vet
  • Short walks on leash

Veterinarian available on site

  • Intervention in case of emergency
  • No transportation required
  • Emergency surgery facility on premises
  • Control of convalescents
  • Contact with attending veterinarian
  • Adaptation of care

Total transparency - an open house

  • You have access to our buildings
  • You will install your animal yourself with our help
  • You also can accompany us inside when you pick up your animal
  • Visit before the 1st reservation
  • Contact with our assistants
  • Open dialogue
  • Mutual trust
  • Harmony

Test and acclimatization weekends

  • Supervised social behaviour test
  • Familiarization with the new place
  • Learning of canine contact
  • Confidence in our assistants
  • Gentle contact
  • Approach with patience
  • Preparation of your vacation

Bath for the day of departure

  • The morning of the departure day
  • On request
  • Professional products
  • Washing adapted to the coat
  • Intensive brushing of the coat
  • Health and hygiene of the skin

Arriving at the Déierepensioun "Lassie" property will take you into another world.

A few minutes from the city center, located on an idyllic 5 hectares of pasture, orchards, hedges and forests, a private road bordered by large trees leads to the boarding parking area. Large green meadows decorated with weeping soles welcome various horses.

The parking lot and the inner courtyard are decorated with hundreds of multicolored flowers that are admired by our guests throughout the summer. Our small zoo, which makes children and adults dream, is the gateway to your well-deserved vacation.

The "Déierepensioun Lassie" is a boarding kennel dedicated to your favorite animals. An environment where well-being, serenity, customized service and respect for the animal reign.

Built in 1999, "Lassie" opened its doors in 2000. It is a professional establishment specially designed and built for the accommodation of animals. It is equipped with the latest technical and sanitary innovations to guarantee maximum comfort and safety for the animals in our care.

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