Bath for the day of departure

For the past twenty years, we have found that our clients are happy to have their dogs back, all clean, fresh, smelling good, ready to jump in the car and back on the couch at home. When you get back from your vacation, weekend trip, long car ride or plane ride, you still have a lot to do in the evening, unpacking, cooking dinner, finishing up the last of the homework with the kids, before going back to work and the normal routine on Monday morning. So you certainly don't have time to put your dog in the bath?

At the "Lassie" boarding kennel we offer you the service of bathing, this means shampooing, brushing and drying. We have two grooming salons in the boarding, one for small dogs, the other for medium and large dogs. We use professional products adapted to the different types of coat.

The dog hair dryer is used to dry the coat, while the blower is used to remove moisture from the coat, but especially to remove loose hair, which is especially useful during the spring and autumn moulting periods. Don't worry, for shy or timid dogs, our assistants train them in the ritual gently and with a lot of patience.

The bath can also be requested by the clients in CaniCrèche. We also get the puppies used to the routine of bathing, cleaning their eyes and ears, brushing etc. from a young age.

Please note: we cannot offer the bathing service for a dog with a very matted coat. In this case, you must contact a grooming salon.

Shampooing and drying on request for the day of departure or for the dog in CaniCrèche:

Little dog 20 Euros Chihuahua, York, Pug
Small longhaired dog 30 Euros Bichon, Shih Tzu
Medium dog 25 Euros Beagle, Basset, Pinscher
Medium longhaired dog 35 Euros Cocker, Spitz, Shiba Inu
Large dog 30 Euros Labrador, Weimaraner
Large longhaired dog 45 Euros Golden Retriever, Shepherd
Very large dog 55 Euros Great Dane, Ridgeback
Very large dog with long, thick hair 65 Euros Leonberg, Malamute

A supplement of 5 Euros will be charged for the bath if the pick-up day is a Sunday or a holiday.

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