Small animals and birds

Dear clients, with a very heavy heart, we have decided to stop taking in small animals and birds/parrots as of September 15, 2021. We would like to thank all of our kind and loyal clients who have entrusted us with their small animals for the past 21 years. 

Small pets taken care of:

At Lassie Boarding Kennel, we also take care of small pets. Essentially we keep guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas and turtles while you are away and on vacation.

Depending on your preferences, you can bring your own cage from home, if it is of normal size and transportable. If not, you can use one of our free cages. However, we do not accept two or three story cages.

All cages are thoroughly cleaned every 2-4 days, depending on the number of animals per cage. We provide linen or wood shavings as bedding. Good hay at will and little grains are given at two meals a day.

Healthy and balanced food:

We focus mainly on fresh vegetables and fruits to provide the animals with a healthy and balanced diet. We are delivered weekly by the fresh vegetable supplier so that we have a large choice of fresh vegetables and fruits to offer them, such as chicory, peppers, cucumbers, salads, carrots, apples, bananas etc.

In summer we complete their menu with grass, dandelions, clover and hazelnut leaves.

For safety reasons we leave the rodents in their cage. Therefore we cannot let them run free in our house, even if they are used to it at home.

Only for the terrestrial turtles we can offer a secure outdoor enclosure for the day, for the night they are kept inside. Turtles also love fresh vegetables and fruits and have them during the day at will.

Birds and parrots:

At Lassie's we also welcome birds, wavy parakeets, omnicolored parakeets, lovebirds, canaries, and others and parrots in a separate room.

All kinds of birds are welcome. Since we can only take a limited number of bird cages, be sure to reserve in advance so you don't get disappointed! Generally you bring your birds or parrots in their cages as well as their food in case of a special diet. You can also reserve in advance one of our bird or parrot cages which are available free of charge.

The daily rate

It is always counted per cage and not per small animal. We advise you never to let a guinea pig live alone, it needs the company of another guinea pig.

You can drop off your small animal in the afternoon during our opening hours. Once you have checked in at the reception area of the boarding facility, you can accompany one of our assistants and put your rodent or bird in one of the rooms reserved for small animals.

Please find here our pricelist.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any further information.

All photos on this site were taken within the Lassie Boarding Kennels. No photos were purchased for advertising purposes.