The CaniCrèche, the day care: fully booked for the moment!

The CaniCrèche is a day care service for dogs. If your dog doesn't want to or can't stay home alone, if he disturbs your neighbors, if you have long days at work, Lassie offers the solution of daycare.

The hours:

You can drop your dog off in the morning between 8.20 and 8.30 am, and pick him up in the afternoon between 4 and 7 pm.

The schedule of the day:

During the day, your dog will enjoy the company of a companion of the same temperament.

We will fill his day with three daily activities on one of the exercise areas, a meal at the end of the morning and lots of cuddling.

In a boarding kennel, the dog has a fixed routine with regulated hours. Consequently, he will quickly know his daily routine. Above all, playtime and activity time, mealtime, and rest time give him a secure framework and allow him to return home happy and tired at the end of the day.

The objective of the CaniCrèche:

Balanced behavior towards others through social contact and play.

We do not do any training during the daycare, we think that this requires the presence of his master. But we do focus on his socialization.

The socialization:

From a very young age, the puppy needs to get to know and keep in touch with his peers. Too often we are in the habit of quickly moving our little one away from the walk at the sight of a dog that arrives and is bigger, to protect him. Here the puppy already learns to apprehend the canine contact and often turns into a difficult and distrustful dog as he grows up.

The orientation towards a balanced behavior:

At Lassie we clearly orient the puppy, as well as the young or adult dog, towards a balanced behavior towards others... dogs, cats, horses and humans.

A fearful puppy will be accompanied by a protective adult dog, like a mom.
A playful puppy will be allowed to play with the necessary breaks imposed.
A puppy that is too rough will be accompanied by a dog that teaches him to softly set limits and to frame him in the canine rules necessary for a good functioning in the daily life.

Confidence building throughout his evolution:

So, throughout his evolution from puppy age (from 3-4 months), young dog, adult dog, your dog will go through a series of stages and evolutions.

He will be accompanied and guided by our assistants and veterinary assistants in a calm and respectful manner in order to teach him certain rules of life. This will allow you to better combine your family and professional life. In short, by recovering a dog that has had the opportunity to let off steam and to have his social life as a dog which is so important for him, and so often neglected.


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