Veterinarian on site

On the site of the boarding kennel "Lassie" there is also a veterinary facility equipped with all the necessary equipment in case of emergency, as well as radiology and surgery.

The veterinary surgeon Marcus Riemer, graduated in July 1995 in Milano (I), is specialized in general surgery, such as soft tissue surgery, cryptorchid castration, removal of extensive tumors and abscesses, bladder stones, perineal hernias, splenectomy, anal gland problems, dental fistulas and other complex cases.

Emergency surgery such as stomach torsion, polytrauma patients, to name a few.

Practicing since 1998 in Luxembourg and after specializing in orthopedic surgery in 2005, his activity is also focused on everything related to the locomotor system, such as lameness, fractures, ruptured cruciate ligaments, dislocation of the kneecap, herniated discs, hip dysplasia and its various osteotomies of the pelvis, elbow and shoulder problems, arthrodesis, etc., thus everything related to orthopedics.

Living in the boarding facility, he can intervene at any time in case of emergency and especially without having to move the animal.

All photos on this site were taken within the Lassie Déierepensioun. No photos were purchased for advertising purposes.