Test and acclimatization days

Supervised sociability test:

If you decide to leave during a school term and your dog has never been to Lassie before, we will probably ask you to come by with him/her during our open hours. As places are limited and very, very much in demand during these periods, we mostly accept sociable dogs, who can share a kennel or a room.

At this time we often agree on a date for a day or for a "test" weekend, depending on your needs and preferences. It is important to have the opportunity and time to get to know your dog, so that we can prepare the safety of your dog and other dogs for these busy periods.

Familiarization with the new place:

If your dog comes from a shelter, he will quickly get used to the kennel, he already knows the routine. But a dog that has never been out of his home before will like the opportunity to get familiar with the place during quieter periods and for shorter stays. We often get calls like: "My dog is very shy, when I put him at a friend's house, he doesn't eat for a week. I would like to book August 1-31 at Lassie's."

Trusting our assistants:

You might have rescued a dog who had bad experiences before meeting you and he has somehow lost his trust in humans. Together with your help, we will show him life with us in a gentle and patient way. If your dog doesn't dare to eat, we will stay with him the time to comfort him and convince him to taste his meal.

Canine contact training:

Just as we all need to surround ourselves with family and friends, so does the dog need social contact. At Lassie's, we will offer him this opportunity to meet other dogs. We will make sure that he will only have good experiences, the goal is that he will make friends and he will see his friends again during his next stays.

Preparing for your vacation:

You've earned your vacation! And you have prepared your darling's vacation well, he will spend good times with us and his new friends!

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