Hotel for medium and large dogs

Heated kennels with outside runs:

The boarding kennel has 2 main buildings for medium and large dogs, specially designed and built for this purpose. The indoor kennels have access to large, partially covered outside runs, which allows the dogs, depending on the weather conditions, to go out and come in as they please.

The indoor kennels are heated during the winter and are equipped with a ventilation system and air sanitizers to ensure proper ventilation and disinfection. Professional installation, daily high pressure cleaning as well as the use of disinfecting products allow for a rigorous hygiene.

Daily activities on one of the multiple exercise areas:

We take all the dogs out 3 times a day to the different outdoor exercise areeas, under our supervision, which allows them to run around and play, to exercise physically and mentally. Each building has 6-7 playgrounds, so we take turns taking the dogs out kennel by kennel.

The food:

A high quality food, chosen for its high nutritional value and digestibility has been selected by us. It is distributed to the dogs at the boarding kennel in the form of two daily meals.

Arrival at Lassie's:

You can and should settle your dog into his kennel or room yourself. Your dog will accompany you when you arrive at Lassie's reception area and will already be introduced to us when you register. Then one of the assistants will accompany you to the building and together you can settle your dog in. Do not delay too long inside or show him that you are sad to leave him. Pretend you are leaving him for the time it takes to go shopping and say goodbye as usual. The dog will understand and know that this is where he should be waiting for you and that you will come and get him.

As soon as you leave, we will take your dog out to one of the play areas and introduce him to a companion, to take his mind off of things. We usually match male and female dogs of the same temperament. All of our clients' affinities are noted in our computer system and we bring the friends back together on their next vacation.

Dogs of dominant or unsociable breeds, who arrive alone, must be kept alone and cannot share a kennel during their stay in the dog boarding facility. These dogs will still have eye contact with other dogs at all times and will also be in constant eye contact with other dogs during their 3 daily activities on one of the exercise areas, without being able to share a play area.

Female dogs in heat are also accepted, but they must be notified as soon as they come into heat before the start of their stay in boarding.

During their three daily activities, the dogs are taken out kennel by kennel and not in groups, for safety reasons. Dogs in groups can work very well in a shelter, but not in a boarding facility, where there are departures and arrivals every day and the hierarchy would have to be rearranged every day.

Obviously we separate your dog from his or her buddy during the distribution of the two meals of the day, just long enough to finish his or her bowl, in order to make sure that each dog has the right to his or her ration or special food, if he or she is on a special diet. Immediately after the meal, the dogs can meet up and enjoy each other's company.

Leaving Lassie's:

As the pension "Lassie" since its opening in July 2000 very much attaches importance to transparency, we insist that you can also accompany us inside the building to pick up your dog from his kennel when you return.

You will see his companion with whom he shared his kennel during his vacations and your dog will jump at you happily, mad with joy to find you there, where you had left him when you left.

Sometimes the dog doesn't react to his owner, don't worry, he wasn't expecting you at that moment and he was so into his boarding routine, that he didn't realize you were there right away.

The bath for the day of departure:

For the day of departure, you can ask, for an extra charge, the bath and the drying. The bath is done on the morning of departure so that the dog comes back to you all clean, fresh and with a good smell. We do not offer a complete grooming or detangling service, the bath can only be done on a coat without too many knots.

On-site security:

As we live and are on site day and night, 7 days a week, as well as the veterinarian in a structure, integrated on site, and specialized for orthopedic surgery and emergency medicine. We can intervene at any time and we ensure maximum safety to our boarders.

Lassie, also for working dogs:

You are a dog handler and you have to go away? Our dog boarding service also takes care of security dogs, working dogs, training dogs, search dogs etc.

All photos on this site were taken within the Lassie Déierepensioun. No photos were purchased for advertising purposes.