Our little zoo has well over a hundred animals of different species. The big star of all is definitely our peacock and he knows it!

All these animals are used to living together and being very close to humans since their young age. We invite you to take a tour of our various spaces and say hello to our horses, to our dwarf goats Cookie and Brownie, the rabbits, guinea pigs, parakeets, calopsytes and diamond pigeons. Also the hens, ducks, turtles and pigeons are happy to have visitors.

Our cats will certainly follow you, they are always looking for a nice customer to cuddle them. Their names are Miette, Easy, Plume, Whitie, Kreeper, Winston and Olli.

As we open at 4 pm, the gooses are always ready and waiting in the parking lot a quarter of an hour before. They love to scare our customers! This is their favorite game... the goose are known as good guardians. Don't be afraid, just walk towards them and make some noise, they will quickly go in the other direction.

Our children have been raising them since their eggs hatched and have taught them to fly up to a height of 3 - 4 meters. They are very important to us, so if you have a hunting dog, please watch him when you arrive!

Enjoy your visit!

All photos on this site were taken within the Lassie Déierepensioun. No photos were purchased for advertising purposes.