A daily service : Dog Day Care

The Lassie Boarding Kennels

A hotel for dogs, cats, small animals, birds and horses

Lassie from the sky

Déierepensioun LASSIE in Zusammenarbeit mit
Silke's Vierpfotenakademie organisieren am Samstag, dem 9. Mai und Sonntag, dem 10.Mai 2015 ein Hundeseminar...

The Lassie Boarding Kennels are ideally situated in the middle of acres of green land, only a couple of miles away from Luxembourg City.
We aim to provide first-class service for your animals, while they are staying with us, when you are away on business or week-end trips, on vacation or are having work done on your home.

Built in 1999, "Lassie" opened its doors in 2000.
It is a professional establishment, equipped with highly developed sanitary and technical installations to guarantee a maximum of comfort and security to the animals in our care.
By Nuno Mafra
Wood sculpture of our logo by Nuno Mafra - 2013.

Monday, April 27, 2015

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